Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Well it has been awhile. To much, to fast and we are already half way thru February. I am ready for spring as many of you, probably are too. I am just itching to get out doors. I need a change to bring about change. On a bright note here are a few things I have added to my collection of treasure's, plus possible project.
         First up I found this cute little wood box at the thrift store today (1.00) I wonder what to do with it ? ahh the possibilities.

 Second my Friend Mary who had an Antique store here in Wellsville had this cute child's cupboard for sale. I had some credit in her place.  Now it has found a new home.

 I fun little shelves. I love filling it with my small treasures.

 Next up I love drawers, cupboards anything to organize and store stuff. I thinks this is a spool cabinet. I fell for it right off the bat.

Next I saw these two at Hobby Lobby I didn't buy them. I thought they might be fun to hook some how, Oh the possibilities!


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