Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A while back Gayle told me of a gentleman who would love to have a hooked rug. He has a home full of antiques and would love to trade something for a hooked rug. Well I love antiques so I was game for the trade. I met with Bert in his home and he showed me around his place which looks right out of the 1800 time period, Just the kind of home I would feel real comfortable in. Most of his pieces are around 1840, which is the time period I am really drawn to, We settled on a rug he wanted hooked.  It is a design from a friend Kay Wild.  Bert has wanted this rug for a long time. I borrowed Kay's rug and drew the pattern off the original rug. Here is the finished rug.

Here is the piece that I traded for the rug. It is an 1800 New England Mule Chest, One board( meaning one piece of would was used ) It has original red paint on the back of the chest. The top opens up and there is a candle box inside along with storing for blankets. Lots of character too. I Love this piece and I most enjoy getting to know my new friend Bert- I might just get him to try hooking, Gene Shepard watch out!


  1. What a great trade on both sides well done

  2. How wonderful for both of you !
    I love the idea of bartering.

  3. Great trade Tonia! I can tell that he appreciated the value of your work by what you got in return, and that you were both happy with the transaction. His home is wonderful, huh? So glad to see the ending to the story.....