Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Awhile back I found this recipe box at the thrift store. Its not really my style but I saw potential, especially for $2.00.

 I removed the wood lettering and the little wood bees. Then I sanded the whole box.

Second coat of paint and some stenciling.
I used some colorful paper to decoupage the inside.
I decided to do a needle punch for the top of the box.

Here is the finished product.

Here is a preview of the new rug I have started working on, more to come.


  1. Nice transformation!
    I am visiting by way of Gayle's blog.
    Love the new rug.
    Hugs :)

  2. I never would have dreamed the recipe box could be so cute!
    The peacocks are beautiful.

  3. great re-do on the found recipe box! I am also a visitor via Gayle's blog. LOVE your new rug and would love to know who the designer is or did you design it yourself? Mel