Monday, October 24, 2016


Fall is the best time of year along with being one of the busiest. Been working on the house, canning and hooking of course. Spent time at the Denver Hookin  and had a great time. The Utah Guild had our Hook-o-Ween  a week ago Saturday. Had a fun time. We played bingo wool, wonderful food and drawings to boot. I made six of Cheryl Bollenbach little pumpkin men and we held drawings to win him. Everyone wanted one. Thanks  Cheryl for letting us use her pattern. Here is one of the little pumpkin man.....

I also found a new vintage antique shop in Ogden.  It is called Vintiquers and is located in an Historic old home. The house is great but the stuff inside is wonderful. I found a couple of great items. Here is the first find.

There is so much storage in this piece. It is hand cut dovetailed with great hand sawn cuts on the drawers. The next piece is a shelf display that yelled out  "sheep" when I saw it. What do you think?
Vintiquers has become one of my favorite haunts this fall. It is located at 806 Washington Blvd in Ogden. Happy Fall

Saturday, July 9, 2016


June was by far the busiest month in a long time. Lots of family stuff happing along with a guild retreat and some small projects I have been working on. Here are three things I finished up this month.
 First is a cut piano stool.  I had to repaint and hook a new seat. I have never seen one with this kind of legs.

 Next is a cute footstool I found at the guild retreat. The theme of the retreat was " Lets play hooky" So we went antiquing one of the days. Found this at the antique mall.

                                  Not a fan of the needle work. But what a great hooking project. 
                                                     Fun to do because it is a quick finish.

                                           I have seen something done similar to this design.

Here it is with the chair I wanted to use it with.
Last I found another footstool at a local store. The cover on it was hand done in wool yarn.
 Not really my style or colors and it was a little worn.   Another hooking project of course.
Here is the new design.
                                            And here is the chair that it now belongs with.
                                                 I think I will take a brake from footstools.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I finished the rug I started at Anne Marie Littenberg class. I used a quilt template design. It reminds me of the Hawaiian hand applique quilt block. I closed up some parts and added more detail to other areas. Was not to sure about some of the colors, you know how it is at times you have to keep hooking till it fills in enough. I love the colors now that it is finished. 

 The center star and the yellow leaves needed to stand out more from the background so I used floss to barely highlight the design.


The  colored fabric in the center is all one piece of wool.  I like the varied look it gives through out the rug.

Here again I highlighted the yellow leaves just a bit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anne Marie Littenberg Workshop

Last weekend our Hooking guild hosted a 3 day workshop with Anne Marie Littenberg. What a great weekend. What a great teacher. What a great group of hookers.  I am so amazed at the talent that is out there. I  have now been to workshops by:  Ali Strebel, Maggi bonanomi, Diane Stoffel, Sharon Smith  and Anne Marie Littenberg. Each one has taught me so much. Each has been such a delight to learn from them. I truly walk away being a better hooker.
Anne Marie taught us  about color value and hues.  We also learned about line  placement. She  has written two books  one on  Landscapes and another on Portraits both have amazing in sights and photos.
  Londi, Pat and Jill did a great job of pampering everyone who attended. Pat showered us with surprises this is one of the little take home delights.

                                          When had wonderful treats to eat as well.
                                                    This is a better than sex cupcake.                                                   
                                                                 It was amazing!!

Londi made this little gift.  
Antique spool with this great ribbon attached to it.
 The ribbon reads " This took forever"
I  am such we all have a few rugs that have seemed that way.

                                        On the last day we all received a gift from our guild.
                                                                I love the presentation.

And what do my wondering eyes see!!!!!

                                   Workshops always inspire and excite me to keep hooking.
                                    Here is a sneak peek of what I started at the class this week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Just finished up a new rug design. I saw this bird on an antique carved box and just knew what a great rug ideal. I mirrored  the bird and added flowers. The border originally was the same on top and bottom and it was leaves. When I started hooking I changed the design and then thought to give it two different designs for the top and bottom. I outlined everything except the vines.

Rug measures 27 x 54
Detail of bird.  The back ground was done using to different wools and marbling as I hooked  instead of echoing around the design.  I really like the effect however it is more work.

Detail  of top border.

                                                               Detail of bottom border.
                             Next week our guild is having  a 3 day class with Anne Marie Littenberg.
                                                                          Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Awhile back I found this recipe box at the thrift store. Its not really my style but I saw potential, especially for $2.00.

 I removed the wood lettering and the little wood bees. Then I sanded the whole box.

Second coat of paint and some stenciling.
I used some colorful paper to decoupage the inside.
I decided to do a needle punch for the top of the box.

Here is the finished product.

Here is a preview of the new rug I have started working on, more to come.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Well it has been awhile. To much, to fast and we are already half way thru February. I am ready for spring as many of you, probably are too. I am just itching to get out doors. I need a change to bring about change. On a bright note here are a few things I have added to my collection of treasure's, plus possible project.
         First up I found this cute little wood box at the thrift store today (1.00) I wonder what to do with it ? ahh the possibilities.

 Second my Friend Mary who had an Antique store here in Wellsville had this cute child's cupboard for sale. I had some credit in her place.  Now it has found a new home.

 I fun little shelves. I love filling it with my small treasures.

 Next up I love drawers, cupboards anything to organize and store stuff. I thinks this is a spool cabinet. I fell for it right off the bat.

Next I saw these two at Hobby Lobby I didn't buy them. I thought they might be fun to hook some how, Oh the possibilities!