Thursday, January 15, 2015


I had seen this rug back in 2011 in the wool street journal. I loved the rug and had to have the pattern.
I called Bonnie Smith at the wool street journal and found out her daughter Tina designed it for a class she taught. She gave me her number and I contacted her.  She had one extra pattern. So I had her send it to me. Yep, it sat  in a basket for over 3 years. Last Friday, hand feeling better.  I pulled it out and went to town. I have been wanting to give this  to my Grandson  and now it just so happens his birthday is at the end of this month.

So here is Whale of a Tale by Tina Ackerman.

I love the movement in the sky.

The waves were fun but challenging. I added the yellow in the moon and paddle to draw it all together, wasn't to sure if that would work but in the end i liked it.

And Jonah was the least challenging.

So now to bind it then off in the mail we sail!



  1. Awesome rug Tonia - glad your hand is feeling so much better!

  2. So fun to see. You are again amazing. Glad you are back to hooking.

  3. This is just beautiful. I love whale patterns.