Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I am a sucker for small children's chairs and especially when they have been hand crafted. I love furniture that has been hand crafted by someone. Many times the pieces are far from perfect and yet they are so unique that you fall in love with them. I have a collection of such pieces which I am always on the lookout for new ones. Here is the newest addition. One sweet little chair I found at the antique store in town ( Thank you Mary).

 I love the cute knobs on top and the carved front and side pieces.

 They used cut nails in the assembly of the piece.

They added the blocks at the bottom of the back legs, probably because you fell over backwards if you were not careful.
I am thinking it would be great to hook something for this chair. What do you think?
Here are just a few of my other treasures.
All have been handcrafted.

This little table has wood pegs to hold it together.

 This piece my husband loves because the window panes were hand carved.

This childs desk has wonderful small detail added to the piece.





  1. Great addition to all your other treasures Tonia!

  2. what a lovely chair to add to your collection a hooked piece would be just what it needs good luck

  3. All these pieces are treasures.
    Can't wait to see your rug hooking for the chair.