Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Having a new place means work, work and more work. Sometimes the work is fun especially when I can be creative. In a post back I showed my living room, which was done in beige (like ) and blue (dislike) I had to change the blue and the gods were with me in one aspect.  I had some fabric I was saving to recover a chair but found it was beautiful for the cushions. Next I wanted to put some pillows in each corner of the bench. Hooked pillows would fit fine and I could incorporate the colors and style I wanted so I pulled 2 designs from previous rugs and 2 new ones I drew up.

Here are the 4 pillows.


Here they are on the bench.

And here is the before and after picture.



  1. Great's beautiful!! It was worth the wait. The pillows are perfect!! Your home is so cozy!

  2. Nice Tonia - did you use some paisley on the background of one of the floral pillows? They all look great!