Monday, August 11, 2014


I just finished hooking my latest rug. Inspiration from birds with crowns. I guess they could be queens but usually in the animal kingdom its the males that are colorful.

I add beads for the eyes and the tops of the crowns.
Here is more detail of the bird.
I added the heart to draw the branches together. I am not a heart person so this was out of my norm, however it gives a Pennsylvanian Dutch look touch to the rug.
I really had fun with the border I almost scraped the idea when I started hooking thinking it would be to much. I 'm glad I didn't
Next project I am redoing an antique chair.


  1. Beautiful design. You always add so much interest to your rugs.

  2. I love the crowns and the border treatment is wonderful! What a fun, fun rug