Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My grandson Kaleb and I love reading the book " The Robot and the Bluebird".  Way cool story by David Lucas (check it out sometime).

My grandson is also fascinated with watching and helping me rug hook. He likes to cut the wool strips and hand them to me. Sometimes I catch him trying to hook the strips. So I thought maybe I should hook him a rug. I am more drawn to primitive styles so the question is are robots primitive?  Could I hook a  rug using a robot? Well I did and here it is!

 I made the robot holding a bluebird walking in a forest of metal beam trees.  I had to put knobs and gages on him. when I first started hooking his face I thought oh no he looks like Elmo.

Here are some close ups.

So did I pull off the primitive robot?  In the end what matters is that my grandson likes it, right?


  1. You did a fabulous job!! You created a memory for your grandson that will last him a lifetime.

  2. Your robot is wonderful. I am also hooking a rug for my grandson - he was the first family member to say he'd like to have one of my rugs. I adapted a photo of him playing soccer as my pattern. My husband is the little boy who would love a robot rug! ...jan

  3. Your ABSOLUTELY pulled off the primitive robot!