Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I came across the Three hares motif and was quite intrigued by it. It tends to show up in a wide assortment of religions.  There are various meanings one of which its just a cool puzzle. There are three hares and only three ears yet no matter how you turn it they all appear to have two ears. Way cool and what a neat idea for a rug.

Guess what I? I did it and here it is!

Here is a close up of the rabbits.

I love doing dots in the back ground. it helps break up the space and add color.

I have been crocheting my edges for awhile I really like the look and it is fast and easy. I used some hand dyed wool that varies in light gold to dark to green. I think it pulls together the colors in the rug.


  1. Your rug is beautiful ! The color combinations you used and the detail are lovely.

  2. I LOVE this rug!!!! Beautiful colors and beautiful work. Just beautiful!!

  3. I love how your rug turned out, I hope your bringing it Tues. It is wonderful.

  4. Great pictures Tonia - they show the details of your rugs really well. Loved seeing it in person yesterday.....