Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have never been one to celebrate St. Patricks Day
 1. I am not Irish
 2. I am not catholic
 3. I don't drink Beer

How ever
1. I married Irish
2. Green is my favorite color
3. I love bagpipes and my son use to play them.

So I read up on Saint Patrick and was fascinated with his story. You have to be an amazing person to be recognized as Saint. This man was stolen from Scotland when a youth and put into slavery in Ireland for many years until he escaped being lead by the Lord. He went back to Scotland became very spiritual and felt lead by the Lord to go back to Ireland and bring Christianity to a very pagan culture. He was the tool in doing so and brought Christianity to a whole country. He learned to love the very people who brought him so much pain and suffering in his youth. So there is your history lesson for the day and where  might you ask is this taking me? Well I came across a antique butter mold that I had never seen the likes of before.

So this is the mold

Pinned Image

And here is the rug I made using the design.

I love the fox. I thought to make the background more like a children's illustration. Here are some details.

Update on the robot rug.  I gave it to my grandson on his birthday and he loved it- He also loved this one and thought he should have both LOL. He was over the other day and saw the one I am currently doing. He went to my wool closet and started pulling out fabric for me to use and then wanted me to let him start hooking hmm I think I have a budding new hooker!
So here is to the Irish and happy St. Patricks Day


  1. Wonderful rug and great story. How exciting to have your grandson interested in hookin! He is learning so much about your art and will appreciate your rugs all of his life.

  2. That butter mold is quite the find !
    Your rug is lovely and I enjoyed how you dug into the history of the mold...very interesting.
    So precious that your Grandson is interested in your wool and what can be done with it !