Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I love small things especially furniture. Come by my home and you will find small dressers, chairs and benches where ere you look. One area I think I might have a bit to much is chairs.

These are just a few. Some I have given away to grandchildren. Oh how they love sitting in these small chairs just right for them. This leads me to my latest project. The potty chair, yes you heard me right. I have a fine old potty chair that I kept a plant in for many years. To save such plant I had to move it to a different location. Now the problem. A big hole in the chair that bugs me. Solution make a chair cover.
I hooked this using a #4 and the design came off and old German butter mold. I have been finishing the edges of my rug by crocheting it with wool strips.  I love the effect.

 I think it fits just fine.

Everyone should have a comfortable chair especially if you are only 2 foot 4

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  1. The chair cover looks good to me! What a great place to find inspiration for the design!