Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have been wanting to do a tree of life. There are so many different ways to draw trees and then there is the whole concept of what you want it to represent.  I came across a tree of life in a 8th century hunting palace in Jericho. It was done in mosaic tiles. I really like the tree but not so much the lion eating the deer. So I incorporated the tree with my own understanding of flowing waters coming from the tree. I also wanted the tree to shine forth in the darkness that was around it. It becomes very symbolic and that was my goal.

Here is a closeup of the leaves. I  took yarn and out lined the leaves so they would pop.

The background I did in dark brown/purple and then slowly added lighter shades meanwhile I did a light edge around the whole tree.

I made the flowing waters become the boarder for the rug.

Well what do you think ?


  1. I love the detail of this tree.
    The colors are amazing.
    Great idea for your border.
    This is a lovely piece, thanks for sharing.