Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anne Marie Littenberg Workshop

Last weekend our Hooking guild hosted a 3 day workshop with Anne Marie Littenberg. What a great weekend. What a great teacher. What a great group of hookers.  I am so amazed at the talent that is out there. I  have now been to workshops by:  Ali Strebel, Maggi bonanomi, Diane Stoffel, Sharon Smith  and Anne Marie Littenberg. Each one has taught me so much. Each has been such a delight to learn from them. I truly walk away being a better hooker.
Anne Marie taught us  about color value and hues.  We also learned about line  placement. She  has written two books  one on  Landscapes and another on Portraits both have amazing in sights and photos.
  Londi, Pat and Jill did a great job of pampering everyone who attended. Pat showered us with surprises this is one of the little take home delights.

                                          When had wonderful treats to eat as well.
                                                    This is a better than sex cupcake.                                                   
                                                                 It was amazing!!

Londi made this little gift.  
Antique spool with this great ribbon attached to it.
 The ribbon reads " This took forever"
I  am such we all have a few rugs that have seemed that way.

                                        On the last day we all received a gift from our guild.
                                                                I love the presentation.

And what do my wondering eyes see!!!!!

                                   Workshops always inspire and excite me to keep hooking.
                                    Here is a sneak peek of what I started at the class this week.


  1. Tonia, your work is such a beautiful inspiration !! I would love to know what size wool strip you hook with. It appears to be fine, maybe a size #4 ?

  2. I actually use #6 and #8 most of the time however I do detail and outline with a #4