Friday, December 27, 2013


Well what a different Christmas this has been. Most everything in the home has been packed and stored for our move which as of Dec 19th has been postpone till sometime in the spring. This may sound strange but it actually is a blessing. So this year there were very few Christmas Decor up in the house. One small nativity on the fireplace and a little feather tree on the table, that's it! But was just perfect because I kept focus on the my purpose for the season. I love Christmas and I have way cool vintage collections that go up after Thanksgiving and come down on Jan 1st, however I start to feel crowded from all the stuff. This year not at all- and it felt good. I love all the tinsel that goes with the season but I do lose the reflective side - This year I read a book called "The Christ Centered Christmas." WOW I felt so much change in how I want to celebrate the season. I gave each of my children the book in hopes they might change a little of how they celebrate with their families. I am in deed grateful for all my blessings, blessings of family and good friends. I hope all will reflect upon their own blessings and give thanks.  MERRY CHRISTMAS

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