Thursday, October 31, 2013


I love it when you come across a thrift store find and you have a creative thought. My find was this cute little game set.

It had the pieces for several games and was only $2.00 however I didn't buy it for the practical use. I thought about how cute of a box. Then I thought I could redo it for a sewing box maybe?

So I went to work. I painted the box and waxed it for and old look.

Then I papered the inside with vintage looking paper. I modge podge the paper.

The last step was to make something for the top cover. I thought about our guild classe with Maggie bononami and decide I would try my hand at some applique. I did it free hand style. I attached it to some cardboard. Then I glued that to the box lid. and well see for your self. It was a fun creative change that I enjoyed. Love those little finds.


  1. This project is lovely Tonia.
    You did a beautiful job with bringing all of the gorgeous rich colors together.

  2. Again you have dazzled us and showed us your great talent in thinking "outside the box". Wonderful!

  3. Tonia, I love the box and the colors. You are so good at color. Can't wait to see what's next.

  4. This is just great Tonia! Guess what I'll be searching for at the thrift store now? LOL!