Monday, May 7, 2012

A Chest to Treasure

I love chest/ boxes I have quite a collection. I think it has to do with being a gather type person who also has to organize stuff anyway. my husband made boxes for our grand kids one Christmas and each year we write a storey from our life and put it in the box for them. easy way to leave a legacy. So I thought how wonderful to paint it and hook, quilt applique or cross needle the lid it would be you on the outside as well as on the inside.

This is the box unfinished. I stained the whole box inside and out then I took Vaseline and dabbed on the corners and sides both in and out.

 Then I gave a light coat of paint over the whole box. Next I took a blue green paint and dry brushed the trim very lightly you can see some of the gold come thru. After that I sand all of the areas that I put Vaseline on ( you can tell because the paint raises up and won"t stick to it.) The paint comes off and the boxes looks chippy and old. Last I go over the box with Fiddes and Son stained wax.
 I hooked this little rug and attached it to the top. My husband put a raised frame on the top so i could adapt it for the rug.
 Here is the finished product.

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  1. This project turned out really nice Tonia. Is this a paint technique that you learned from Londi? Or one that you've used lots of times before? I'm getting excited about Denver!