Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I finished up a couple of projects this week and I am working on some others. First I have this great basket I found years ago at Goodwill; I think I paid 8.00 for it. Over the years corners have broke and fallen out. I love the basket and it is an easy fix but it can be pricey. I would have to order the supplies and I would have to buy much more than I need. So I was about to just dump it off at the thrift store. Then a thought came to me, what if I could find a basket with the same size reeds at the thrift store. I could then soak, cut and replace the broken parts for a fraction of the cost; say 2.00! That is just what I did and now I have a great basket again and I saved left overs for future brakes, great day!

Here are the broken corners; each corner looked like this.
 This is the 2.00 basket I soaked it and then cut pieces off to have the strips shown below.

Here is the repaired basket.

When it dries it will match the rest.

Next my husband made this stool that the seat opens up and you can hook a rug for the top of the seat. Well I never really liked the rug I had on it. I had designed this pattern for a pillow and thought it was about the same size as the stool. I decided to hook it and put it on the stool instead. now I think it looks much better don't you?

I found another cute child's bench at the consignment store last week; can't wait to have fun with this project.

And last of all, I took a soap making class on Saturday. I have wanted to do this forever and the opportunity presented it self. It was fun and pretty easy. Here is my first batch; nothing special but I will get creative with the next.


  1. Great save on the basket Tonia! And I love the new rug for your insert. I've never made soap but know several people who do - supposed to be addicting, so be careful! (LOL)

  2. I have decided that God gave you some amazing talents and you haven't hid them under a basket. Way to do girl. you are amazing AGAIN!