Thursday, March 12, 2015


Finished up the little hamper project.  I found a wonderful milk paint and tried it out on my little hamper and was quite impressed with the results. I have tried many different milk paints over the years and really do  prefer them over chalk paint. I know the chalk is all the rage now but I do not like the look you get with it.  I think it looks cheap. This milk paint goes on smooth and covers flaws pretty darn good and I find very little brush strokes when it dries. the paint is called General Finishes.

Before the paint
After the paint
Next I went over it with a glaze finish. I usually use colored wax but the glaze goes on super easy and dries really fast.

 I lined the inside with  a drop cloth and used Velcro the attach.


Then I design a little rug to go onto the lid.

 I covered the back of the lid with a piece of wool.

 Love these little handles on the side.

Here is the end results!


  1. This is breathtaking, Tonia !
    I really like your choice of colors.

  2. Doesn't even look like the same piece! I can tell you were inspired on this project since you got it done in record time! NICE!

  3. Already done! Wow! It looks so great. Love the colors and the hooking. You are again, Amazing.