Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative Man

            Last summer I took on the job of painting my kitchen walls and cabinets. I removed one of the cabinets and had my hubby make a plate shelf. Luckily he has the skills and talent to do so. We worked together on the design. I told him what I want and he told  me what could be done. This is how it turned out.
Here is some more of his work. 
 He made me this spice box 26 years ago. I saw one in a magazine and had him create one.
 Needed some chairs for our front porch. He wouldn't by the cheap home depot ones so he designed his own. They are way comfy.
 We needed a bench in our mud room to put our shoes. The top opens up to store gloves and hats.
Our fireplace had a big hole for a TV. I hated it and wanted to dry wall and put a picture up but he didn't want to do it so I thought a mirror over the place would look great. Try to find a mirror to fit that hole. So we found two old window frames from a yard sale. He made a frame and bought the mirrors at home depot -total cost 34.00

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  1. Love your blog. Your rugs are amazing!